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supermarket software kenya

Our supermarket software kenya is the best point of sale for supermarkets, mini shops, mini supermarkets, kiosks, wholesale shops, distributor shops, hardware shops, electronic shops, cosmetic shops and big multi stores.

Running a smooth checkout process in supermarket is imortant for any shop, store or supermarket. You need a supermarket software pos system that is fast, reliable and efficient. MovePOS supermarket POS Software was developed to give you and your customers a satisfying shopping experience. Use your own hardware, record transactions, identify sales and grant discounts with just a few clicks.

Our POS software for supermarket is bundled with inventory & accounting software that helps you generate invoices easily, manage your accounts, reconcile bank transactions, track inventory accurately, generate thousands of reports.

Some of the major features in the POS Point of Sales software system for supermarkets

Supermarket POS software Inventory

Manage inventory levels, set reorder points to replenish stock and save your loses due to expiry.

Import Purchase in the supermarket software

Allow to import purchase from any excel or csv format to save your time with 100% accuracy

Point of Sale module in the supermarket software

Improve the efficiency of the checkout service of your grocery or supermarket with an optimized POS System!

Cash Register Control module in the supermarket pos software

Complete money management solution. Keep track of your business income and expenses, and more.

Multiple Terminals module in the supermarket system software

Improve checkout flow by running as many service stations as needed on your local network.

Barcode Scanning module in the point of sale supermarket software

Use your barcode scanner and speed up the selling and inventorying process.

Statistics & Reports module in the pos supermarket software

Manage commissions, rank clients and products. Use custom filters and generate unlimited reports.

Stock Management module in the pos system supermarket software

Set maximum and minimum inventory levels, and streamline the reordering process.

This is the best supermarket software in Kenya plus you can buy the supermarket POS hardware here