School management software and college system in Kenya

Our College/school management software is a best and cheapest school management software in Kenya simplifying the complexities faced in daily colleges and school management operations. Includes exam system, accounting module, exams results reports. Looking for a University or College ERP software to manage daily operations in university, college or school, look no further. We have the best and cheapest but secure university, college ERP software which will help you move institution higher. Within no time, College/School management software is used by hundreds of schools and higher educational institutions all over Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Somalia for all management, administration fee management, marks and results managements and education related activities. Use our school software to effectively manage school processes and operations related to administrators, teachers, students, courses, employees and soon. You can use our free school management software in kenya as you test. Once you need more school management in kenya modules in our software for schools in Kenya the you can download for free or pay in our School software in Kenya Pro version.

Prices of school management system in Kenya
The Kenyan school management system cost is determined by Level
– Primary School, Academies, Nursery School kenyan school management system – Ksh 30,000
– Secondary school management system – Ksh 50,000
– College and University management system – Contact Us.

If you are looking for a high school or secondary school system to manage exams, reports, results, and all other modules then we have the best and cheapest school system. Our school management system Kenya is the best in the region with all the features needed for school accounting system in Kenya.
Kenya school management system is a school software in Kenya for managing all activities in a school or a college. The software for schools kenya is widely used in Kenyan schools and East Africa schools as it covers all sorts or education programmes in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Southsudan. From lower school to high schools the modules are all there. Download The best Kenya school management system for free and accounting software for Secondary and Primary schools.

college management software
college management software

Our School system in Kenya is a customizable school software that suits for a variety of educational institutions including:-

  1. High Schools
  2. Universities
  3. Online Schools
  4. Seminary
  5. Kindergarden
  6. Colleges
  7. Training Centers
  8. Group of Institutions
  9. E-Governance

Some school management software Awesome Features

Admission Management

School management system Nairobi facilitates the user in managing all admission related activities like student admission, fee collection, seat allocation, cancelling the admission, issue of transfer certificate etc. With our school management system Kenya you can automate the admission where students is automatically given an admission number.

Teacher Management

College/school management software in Nairobi helps in managing all teacher-related activities like ‘allotment of classes’, ‘salary payment’, ‘class-allotment’,’ leave calculation’, students-parent meetings and many more. Teachers are able to fill in marks either online or offline using this school management system Kenya and may synchronize the system and produce the reports in our school management system in Kenya.

Staff Management in our school management system

school management system Kenya assists you in managing all parent concerned activities. You can generate reports regarding parent-student meeting, send mails about student performances and meeting schedules.

Student Management

Our free school management software in kenya Assists in supervising all student activities and their performance. Either class-wise/ individual student reports can be generated, with an option to trace a specific name/roll number. Student management is so easy with our school management system Kenya

Fee Management

Our free school management system in kenya Gives control over fee concerned tasks. Generates accurate and transparent reports of fee management tasks like ‘fee collection’, ‘discount offered’, ‘due reports’ and’ paid reports’ etc. Invoices are generated well on our school management system Kenya

Exam Management

Generate exam schedules within few minutes in Kenyan school management software. You can make an entry or generate reports on exams conducted and send results to students and parents using this feature. school management system Kenya helps a lot in generating exams. Ours is the best exam analysis software in kenya and the cheapest school management system in Nairobi.

Attendance Management

College/school management software has an unique feature that allows you to track students’ and staff/teachers attendance. You can generate student-wise/class-wise /group-wise reports and faculty/staff-wise reports also.


On our college/school management software you Send SMS to let parents know of their child’s progress, meeting schedules and reminders. Using auto-SMS tool on school management software, you can schedule single/bulk SMS on a specific day and time. With our school management system Kenya you can send bulk SMS easily.

Accounting Solution

It is a highly transparent system which gifts you supreme control over accounting processes. Just few clicks are enough to view all financial reports (fee paid, salary credited to teachers/staff etc). We have also the payroll software on top of accounting module in our school management system Kenya

Transportation Management

A complete solution for your transportation system is in college/school management system. Tracks details of routes, trips, fee received and in due etc. Records fuel and related expenditures either on fortnight or monthly basis.

Library Management

college/school management software takes care of all library systems and maintains track record of “books arrived” or “books suggested by the students/teachers”. Streamlines librarian tasks with options like “search books” / “book reminders”.

school management software
school management software

Time Table Management

Our college/school management software helps you in creation, maintenance and updation of student time tables. You can view class-wise reports as well as staff-wise report and send SMS reminders whenever required.

Housing & Hostel Management in our school management software

College/school management software can Manage everything at your school hostel. View reports on number of students or even teachers or other staff members taking hostel facilities. It reduces the efforts and time as well.

Room scheduling – Lecture hall room scheduling
Our college management software manages the lecture hall or class room scheduling to avoid collision. Our college system room scheduling software can help you achieve your efficiency goals when it comes to reducing manual processes.

For those who want to have to have the Shule system, primary school system developed by small schools then you can start online for FREE. We are also selling the high school or secondary school management system all over Kenya. We have the best and cheapest school management system in kenya.
Our school management system in Kenya Price starts from Ksh 30,000 for small startup schools. It has all modules needed for school software in Kenya. We only install the best kenyan school management system.

To Get a demo of our University, college and school management software kindly contact us

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