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Kenya National Highways Authority – KENHA

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Kenya National Highways Authority

Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) is a state corporation, established under the Kenya Roads Act 2007 with the responsibility for the management, development, rehabilitation and maintenance of international trunk roads linking centres of international importance and crossing international boundaries or terminating at international ports(Class A road), national trunk roads linking internationally important centres (Class B roads), and primarily roads linking provincially important centres to each other or two higher-class roads (Class C roads).In undertaking this mandate, the Authority propels the country to achieve its infrastructure goals espoused in the vision 2030.

The road system in Kenya is the major mode of transport interconnecting the rural areas to urban centers and regional markets. The road network accounts for about 93% of freight traffic.Currently,the entire network is approximately 177,000 km out of which about 63,000 km are classified ,14,000 km are unclassified urban roads and the balance of about 1000,000 km are unclassified rural road.

KeNHA road system classified by type and classification
Road Class
International Trunk Roads (A)
National Trunk Roads (B)
Special Roads (S)

The Authority was inaugurated in September 2008 and the Director General appointed in December2008.It is managed by a Board of Directors with the Director General serving as Secretary to the Board and the Chief Executive officer. Since inception, the Authority has embarked on several projects to rehabilitate, construct or maintain the network. The focus is to the entire network to a good motorable condition, to facilitate both domestic and regional trade.

The inception of KeNHA was part of the wider reforms to improve the running of the roads sub sector that included defining clear mandates for every agency involved in the sector, establishing Authorities with specific focus on roads management and a need to manage road matters in a professional manner so as to ensure greater returns on investment (ROI).