Document Management System

We are the documents Management System Software providers in Nairobi Kenya. Our document management system and office automation system software developed by a skilled in-house team of software developers. With features ranging from digitization of documents into searchable PDF/A format to integration of MS Office, OCR and a host of others into the software.

As the Corporate world is fast moving to electronic document management system from the paper version. We offer end-to-end document archiving and doc management solutions to organizations so that they can efficiently manage and utilize their unstructured content to improve their productivity.
document management system

Benefits of Our Document Management System

Content storage and processing are two big challenges of any organization because they consume lot of space and time. This increases overheads and lowers the return on investment.

Our office document management solution helps you overcome the drawbacks and leverages your business in following ways:

    Streamlines the entire document processing cycle
    Replaces paper with electronic file, which can be encrypted and securely stored in central database
    Provides quick on-demand access to any required information at touch of buttons
    Ensures complete compliance to regulatory and legal requirements, necessary for e-documentation
    Reduces processing time and storage area
    Ensure better reporting and information sharing across enterprise
    Offers a highly secure central information repository which can be accessed by authorized users only
    Facilitates quick search, retrieval and sharing of files
    Creates up-to-date log of each and every electronic document or file accessed/used in the organization

Our document management software is user-friendly and supports your documentation needs in following ways:

    Scans and converts paper files, which might include text, figures, diagrams, etc into electronic version
    Stores electronic file in central data bank
    Creates an audit trail of each and every electronic file accessed
    Ensures regulatory compliances
    You can customize your documentation management system specific to your needs

Our document management system in Kenya completely transforms the way you document and use information to carry out your daily organizational activities. With our document management software Kenya or document archiving you can afford to relax as you execute document processing tasks in safe, smooth and cost-effective manner.

We are the leading document management system companies in Kenya which can integrate your ERP system with the document management system in Kenya to provide you with document archiving solutions and document storage in a modern way. We will give you archiving solutions in Kenya with latest document management and document storage. Our records management services for companies in kenya is well know as we provide with digitization of documents for companies in kenya.

Contact us for any requirement of archiving solutions Kenya or document management system, including out-of-box, for your organization. Also we can provide cloud storage or data backup.